2 min readJun 9, 2021


It’s Harvest Time!
Born in 1938, Superman is probably the most powerful of all superheroes. Wouldn’t he be amazing at harvest time!!! But, get him anywhere near a piece of kryptonite and he is stuffed! Energy gone! Game Over! Somehow, he manages to escape this dastardly poisonous radiation and continues his mission to help humanity.

As a community and a team we’ve had our fair share of challenges in the last few months, but we are still here making money and we are helping people in need of a leg up!
But just like Superman, us mere mortals have weaknesses too. The Stanford Marshmallow experiment studied “instant gratification” versus “delayed gratification” in 1972. Children were offered a reward immediately or two rewards later. Later analysis of these kids found that the gratification delayers did better in life. They were more prosperous and healthier. This work interconnects really with our understanding of brain chemicals and how a certain mixture of cortisol with dopamine can encourage instant, fear-led choices.

These choices serve nobody well.

So while you enjoy harvest today, this evening, and tomorrow (Note to self, these PLANKZ will not just disappear this evening when farming is due to end!), channel your super human strengths and avoid grabbing on that single marshmallow! Because whilst we can’t promise you a journey to Krypton, we are aiming for the Moon!

Through multiple MEANINGFUL MONEYMAKING MI$$ION$ (Cabinz and $PLANKZ is First Mission!) we all believe this is how we can best serve humanity whilst making some money too.

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is simply to HODL your $PLANKZ! Chill! Reflect on where we have all come from in the last few months! Start imagining where we can go! Because in three weeks’ time we are launching a brand-new token! It’s called $HEARTS which will help multiple causes, as decided by you, our amazing community! And let us just say you will need your $PLANKZ handy! So, join us over at and visit The Cabinz Telegram Group will self-destruct in 96 hours. Be good to yourselves and your families. Enjoy the harvest 😊$ ❤️